cosmetic dentistryWe know that you care about the look of your teeth. We do too! We also make the function and health of your smile a priority. We understand that the look of your smile affects your self esteem. We can bridge the gap between health, function, and appearance. We offer cosmetic dentistry options that will help you shine. Dr. Humphreys is the expert dentist of Colorado Springs.

How would you describe the perfect smile?

White and without stains. There are plenty of drugstore kits now that will remove some stains. If you are looking for brighter and more lasting results, come to us. We can provide you with the smile you really want. We can also be sure that your results endure coffee, wine, or any other tarnish. Further, we will coat them so that stains are prevented.

Straight, not crooked or gapping. The product you are thinking of is Invisalign. Try us out for your smile straightening needs. Invisalign is a slow, easy method that you won’t even feel. Reject the thought of metal brackets and choose this clear option. No one will even know you are wearing these liners.

Without any flaw. Human smiles come imperfect. We do have the option, though, to make them as perfect as science allows. With veneers and other methods, we can make your smile flawless.

Restored. Whether you need a new crown, a set of implants, partial or full dentures, bridges – you name it! We can do it! You do not have to live with broken or cracked teeth. You do not have to hide your smile because of a gap or missing tooth. You do not have to live in shame over your smile. There is nothing to be ashamed of. But we are also here to help you.

Call us today to schedule a consult and discuss your needs. We can make your smile a thing of beauty. You will be so proud. This is all part of the magic of cosmetic dentistry!