Dental implants are objects specifically designed to anchor or support bridges, crowns or dentures if it is established that the bone itself cannot provide the required support. Their success rate is high hence the patient does not have to worry. These implants are placed in the mouth by implant dentists in Colorado Springs and depend on a process called Osseo integration which is the ability of the bone and a foreign object to articulate.

Dental implants have provided humans with the ability to replace teeth. They however have to be placed with certified implant dentists who are knowledgeable in this field. If not so, it may lead to further oral complications.

Brief history

This method of dental reconstruction started in ancient China, instead of dental implants they would use curved bamboo and try connect them to the jaw bone. Similar findings have been found in ancient Egypt. Other discoveries included remains of a Mayan woman with shells replacing missing teeth.  However discovery of the dental implants came when Leonard Linkow put implants in human jaws and  was successful in replacing missing teeth.

Materials used in making dental implants

Implants are basically made of titanium. They are made in a way they look like a screw which is similar to a tooth root. Most are made from pure titanium which exists in grades depending on the amount of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and iron present in them. The most commonly used titanium contains; 0.10% carbon, 0.40% oxygen, 0.015% nitrogen and 0.50% iron. Modern dental implants have increased the surface area through processes such as etching and anodic oxidation.

Types of dental implants used in modern Colorado Springs dentistry

Endosteal implants – these types of dental implants are put in the jaw bones directly. Implanting them requires a second surgery to connect posts to the previous implants. After this a bridge, crown or denture is placed on the posts.

Subperiosteal implants – they have metal frame that is fixed on the jaw bone below the gum.

Posts which are attached to the gum protrude from the gum as the healing continues.  After  healing the crowns, bridges and dentures can then be placed on them.

These two types of dental implants are the ones that are recommended and considered to be safe.

Others include;

Zygomatic implant – this is a dental implant that is used for people with enough bone to enable  it to be secured on it. This is normally used on cheek bones.

Single diameter implant – these are used on patients with not so much bone.

Ultra short Plateau Root form / finned dental implants – these are dental implants that are majorly used in areas where in other situations these areas would require either a sinus lift or a  bone graft.

Orthodontic implant – this type of dental implant is used in supporting braces and is usually  placed in between or besides teeth.


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